Photography, Digital Art, Words, Videos.

Art or carpet?
Art can be ugly. Found on the street.

Every day, one person has the worst day on the planet.
It it was you, I am sorry.
If it was not you, then wait your turn.
We all get to play.

Do something today
That will start someone’s
Once upon a time…

Bite size, fun size friends
that don’t really care how
how your day went.
Only the moment matters
and they disappear
like an echo.

I know I was young once.
I don’t remember why.
The pictures in the unopened album look staged.
Like pictures cost money.

I scream at the man in the mirror
to be more like me
and less like him.

I told Facebook I was happy.
Facebook told my friends.
My friends know Facebook lies.
Twitter didn’t care.

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Making of Upside down and backwards. Rory Daniels Dec 2018

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The making of Pause, by Rory Daniels.

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