Rory Daniels Art

All work is unframed. Price is open for discussion. Shipping is free anywhere on the planet, or Rory may hand deliver it personally, if it is going somewhere interesting.

eMail Rory at Art medium is a combination of acrylic, oil, wax, glue, nail polish, fake fur, and melted crayon. Art is on canvas, with a few pieces on slightly curled cardboard. Rory will take requests for commissioned work if he finds the topic to be intriguing.

Floating. Dec 2019

$810,000 CDN.

Pain. Dec 2019

$510,000 CDN.

Tree. Aug 2019

$860,000 CDN.

The Print. Aug 2019


Thoughts and Prayers. Nov 2018

$1,100,098 CAD.

Rain. July 2019

$750,000 CAD.

Upside down and backwards. Dec 2018

$900,000 CAD.

Purpose. Dec 2018

$25 CAD.

Blue bird. March 2019

$679,000 CAD.

Pause. Nov 2018

$100,000 CAD.

Purpose. Dec 2018

$100 CAD.

The jump. Jan 2019

$100 CAD.

Slight. July 2019

$450,000 CAD.

Missed connection. 2018

$1,000,000 CAD. Rory’s first painting.

More. July 2019

$120,000 CAD

The art of foregiveness. Nov 2018

$230,000 CAD.

Backwards. June 2019

$25 CAD.

Dragon strong. Aug 2019

10 BitCoins.

Baked. Aug 2018

$30 CAD.

Finger tips. July 2019

$10,000 CAD.

The space between. Nov 2018

Free, to a good home. May request shipping be covered by the person who wants it.

Obviously. Jan 2019

Free to a Catholic church, if they agree is display it in a prominent location in the church for all to see for at least 5 years.

$1,125,000 CDN.

Softer notes. Nov 2018

$22.50 CDN.

Crossing over. Jan 2019

$65,000 CDN.

Start again. Nov 2018

$190,000 CDN

Commissioned works

Falling down. 2019


Sad eyes. 2019